My name is Roman Matouš and I am the main designer and co-owner of the jewelry company Bohemia Beauty s.r.o. (in the years 2000 - 2021 as LILIEN s.r.o).

I graduated from a Secondary school of Applied Arts majoring in engraving and stamping.
I gained my work experience in the then state-owned company Bižuterie where I used to work as a master of the passerine works and later as a designer. Here I improved my knowledge of all available jewelry production technologies.

In 1997 I decided to leave the company and became independent. I cooperated with several companies in Jablonec as a designer. Those early business days were very difficult for me. They brought stressful situations and partner disagreements which resulted in divorce. All this could have contributed to visual impairment and the subsequent diagnosis of retinal pigment degeneration - loss of peripheral vision. Fortunately, my central vision remained intact so I was able to continue my design work.

In 2000 I founded the company LILIEN s.r.o., expanded it with employees, and supplied our products to Czech, German and Polish wholesalers.
In 2001 I started living with my current wife, Marcela, who has since stood by my side in both family and work. My health gradually stabilized and there was also a successful development in the business field. We established cooperation with P&P Jewelry and founded a joint project called LILIEN - CZECH.

From the very beginning, I worked intensively on my vision - to create a warehouse with the widest possible assortment of glass stones of all possible shapes and colors having the opportunity to fully develop my creativity and realize my ideas in creating non-traditional jewelry and decorations, especially Christmas ones, in addition to making classic jewelry.
Our brand became popular among collectors and some of our products are also exhibited in the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library in the USA. Madeleine Albright also visited this museum and chose our brooch symbolizing the Czech lion.
In 2012 we were approached by fashion designers Meadham & Kirchhoff from the UK and were asked to create a jewelry collection for their fashion show London Fashion week SS13.
Katie Perry also appeared with our flower headband at the Grammy awards ceremony.
By this, the LILIEN - CZECH brand became visible in such a way that Elle, Brides, and Vogue magazines published articles and photos of the jewelry. We also became a partner of the Czech agency Prestige models and we supply headbands for Miss Look Bella every year.

Over the next few years in addition to my work, I also studied intensively homeopathy, the human psyche, and psychosomatic causes of illnesses with the intention of better understanding the causes of my visual but also hearing impairment. And as a result my condition gradually improved.
I believe that I can pass on this knowledge, enthusiasm, and joy in my work. That you too can awaken faith in yourself. That is why I perceive my work as a mission and a gift that can serve others as well.

In 2021 we felt the inner need to emphasize our Czech craftsmanship and beauty, and therefore the company name was changed to Bohemia Beauty s.r.o.
We also established the premium brand LUXURY CZECH JEWELRY into which we integrated the production of the original LILIEN brand at the beginning of 2022.
Our products are sold all over the world. The main markets are the USA, European countries, and Australia.
You can have a look and buy them on our eShop.