My name is Roman Matouš and I am the lead designer and owner of jeweler's company Lilien s.r.o.

I was born in Liberec and since my very childhood I have studied arts at the local People's Art School. After finishing grade school I have been admitted to Secondary school of decorative arts in Jablonec nad Nisou, choosing Chasing and shaping dies for local bijou manufactures as the subject of study. After successfully graduating in 1985 I worked for a year as an arranger in PR department of several companies in Liberec, then accepted a job offer from Jablonec nad Nisou and started working as master girdler in Bižuterie, a state enterprise. I got married in 1989, in 1991 my first daughter Romana was born followed by Zuzana in 1994. In 1992 I moved over to patterning department where I worked up to 1997 as a pattern-maker. I have mastered my knowledge in all available technology aspects of bijou manufacturing there. In 1997 I decided to leave the company and become a freelancer collaborating on design with several companies in Jablonec. That was hard times, full of stress and partnership disagreements, etc. ... All that may have contributed to me losing my eyesight. The issue was retinal pigment degeneration – loss of periphery. Luckily I kept my central vision and was able to go on with my pattern-making routine. My life was what changed, and radically too. In 2000 I founded my own company, LILIEN s.r.o., extended staff and started supplying our products to Czech, German and Polish wholesale stores. From the very beginning I have closely focused on my goal to create a wholesale warehouse with the largest possible range of glass stones of all colors and shapes, and thus – apart from our bijou-making routine – have the opportunity to fully refine our creativity and make use of our potential in more futuristic (timeless) ideas and in creating unconventional pieces of jewelry.

The sea change of my life also included a divorce in 2002. Loss of eyesight stabilized at 90 %. At that stage I lived with my then girlfriend Marcela who was to become my wife. The change brought not only the stabilization of the state of my health but also the following progress and improvement. This successful period was topped with establishing partnership with Lilien Czech Jewelry s.r.o., which brought up the idea of founding and introducing the world-class brand LILIEN–CZECH... In the course of following years I have studied intensively the human psyche, the psychosomatic causes of diseases, all that with the aim to better understand where my own handicaps come from and how to prevent possible aggravation.

The result is a stable state of health for the last eight years and improving overall adaptability. Now I also know, and try to present in my creative work, that this understanding, knowledge and delight can be passed on to you. That anything from me is capable of filling you with energy, single-mindedness and the desire to go further. That it can arouse in you the self-belief in the same manner as I have discovered in myself... I feel this to be my mission, like a gift that can serve others as well. Roman